• Highly skilled in Go, Javascript, React, Redux, and NodeJS
  • Deeply passionate about real-time scalable performance
  • A leader who pursues his work with a growth-mindset, pride, and grit
  • Polyglot programmer enthusiastic about challenging himself
  • Interested in intuitive UI’s, Kubernetes, serverless computing, event-driven architectures & real-time distributed systems


Hi, my name is Keith Alpichi. I am a software engineer at HealthLytix in San Diego, California. I enjoy building performant and scalable real-time applications from the intuitive user interfaces all the way to the databases on the other side of the wire.

The impact software technology has on the world really amazes me. I love that one person on one computer can build an entire software company and present it instantly to millions of people. I am so fortunate to be in an industry of innovative and inquisitive thinkers who are highly passionate about changing the world through software.

When I’m not coding I like to exercise, cook, enjoy different cuisines, make my own espresso, listen to reggae music, play some chords on my ukulele, go to the beach, and read. I like to think of myself as a California beach bum. If I could code with my feet in the sand on a beach in San Diego, I would!

If you feel my vibe, contact me!

Mahalo! 🤙

I Like to Cook

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I Like to Think I Take Good Pictures

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I Like to Lift Heavy Objects

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I Play Video Games

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