Success Manifest — Episode 0

August 9, 2017

What is a Success Manifest

What is success really? What qualities make a successful person? What words contribute to this success? Persistence? Focus? Luck?

I created Success Manifest to document my experiences and advice on success from taking a single word and explaining how it relates to success. Following this article and many others, I will devote an entire episode focused on one word.

Here are some of its key components:

  • it’s focused- each article is focused on a single word rather than success in general. You pick and choose what you want to read
  • it’s unique- everyone has their own experiences and advice. We can all learn from one another so hopefully you can learn from me
  • it’s honest and relevant- normally you listen to success advice from outliers decades after their experiences where it may not still be applicable. By listening to someone who recently experienced failure/success you get truthful humble advice without being coerced to buy a course, book, or service
  • it’s not specific to any one goal- the definition of success is different from person to person. The primary focus of the Success Manifest is to explain the concepts to achieving the freedom to express yourself. The way you define success is up to you

Why Listen To Me

I’m not a millionaire (yet 😝) and I don’t own a business (anymore 💀). I’m just a California dude in his twenties with big dreams, why listen to me?

  • I’ve taken the risks involved with quitting a corporate job within seven months after graduating college to start my own business in spite of not having a business degree
  • I’ve managed this fitness business for over two years where I learned a ton about business, accounting, marketing, sales, e-commerce, blogging, digital services, et cetera
  • I followed an unconventional route of teaching myself software engineering while running my business without going back to school
  • I ended my business, by choice, to pursue my passion of software engineering full-time where I joined a young start-up software company

This was over a span of three years. To most people my story may be pretty boring but with the right mentorship, mindset, and approach I was able to change my life the way I wanted to. I took myself out of places I didn’t want to be. I tried new things. I failed but viewed those failures as valuable feedback. But with the right mindset, I quickly rebounded by altering my approach to achieve my goals.

This concept of “fail fast often” is one of the many concepts I’ve been following since my first “aha” moment when I quit my corporate job. Its helped me learn about myself and accomplish goals effectively.

This is one of the many concepts of success manifestation that I’ve experienced (two words already — execution and self-awareness) and I am so excited to share them all. I want to motivate and inspire at least one person and I hope that person is you.

Let My Success Manifest Help You Succeed

Episode 1 will cover what I think is the most important word in success — self-awareness. Stay tuned and follow me to get notified of that episode and those that follow.

I’ve already established a short list of words that I plan to talk about but I would love your suggestions. What words do you think make a person successful?

Bonus — If you have a few words in mind consider starting your own Success Manifest. I’d love to hear your insights and advice so please share it with me.

Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Share this article to see what words others can come up with and vote for. Mahalo! 🤙

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