Unleash your Inner Athlete! Learn How to Achieve the Body you Want by Training Like an Athlete!


Reclaim What was Once Yours! Repossess the Athlete you Used to be!


Be a Championship Athlete and Have a Champions Body!


To Burn Fat & Build Muscle Like an Athlete, You Have to Train Like One!

Proven exercises combines the effectiveness of sports performance & metabolic training to help you be a more athletic individual!


Eat Like an Athlete, Stay Shredded and Toned Like an Athlete!

Diets shouldn’t be restrictive! By following my nutritional guidelines, you can eat the foods you love.


At KA Fitness & Athletics, we offer training services such as:

- Online personal training (using a revolutionary software application)

- In-person personal training

- Boot camp group training

- Sports performance training

- Nutritional counseling


We are currently training in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area in California. Our personal training and sports performance services are mobile while our boot camp group training is located near San Jose and Santa Clara.

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