How to Create Healthy Habits That Stick
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- How and why habits form
- How habits help you achieve and maintain results
- How to create habits that stick
- With little time, energy, motivation you can create habits

Some kind words from a few successful clients
Keith coached me weekly about habits, food and muscle development. I went from 185 pounds to 160 pounds. Keith has a very creative mind, a solution for every problem! I had an injury to a leg and this did not stop the training. -Sebastien D.
I have been working with Keith for more than 8 months now. He used to train me in person and then we moved to online coaching. He is very knowledgeable, has a good personality, and will make you push past your physical limits. -Rajesh M.
My technique on the more advanced exercises is so much better thanks to him. He also cares about your diet and makes sure you eating the right foods to give you the best chance at reaching your goals. Looking forward to reaching my next level of goals under Keith. -Mike K.
(your success story) - You
The Issue

Typical programs just 'give' you tools but don't teach you how to create lasting healthy habits.
After a few weeks, you feel like you have to force or trick yourself to be consistent.
In the end, the program doesn't create long-term results. You feel like you're back where you started.

The Solution

Behavior Change Lifestyle Coaching uses a proven system that helps you build lifelong healthy habits that create long-term results.
This science-based system helps you easily create habits that boost motivation, self-control, confidence and results.
In the end, you create effective healthy habits that you perform automatically, you don't even feel like you're trying!

Behavior Change Lifestyle Coaching is Unique

An effective scientifically-proven habit-forming system
Never force or trick yourself to be consistent with healthy habits
A non-restrictive program that allows you to do what you love and still reach your goals
Improve motivation, self-control, confidence and results

With Behavior Change Lifestyle Coaching You'll Develop

Dieting habits: Avoid restrictive dieting and greatly reduce calories by eating the right foods to eliminate cravings and binge eating
Exercise habits: Perform the exercises that maximize calories burned
Sleep habits: Have the energy to perform your best, reduce stress, and maintain a high metabolism
Time management & productivity habits: Be more productive and free time to do more of what you need and want to do.
Habits in all aspects of life: Such as work, family, play, etc.

Programs include...

Habit Coaching
Personalized Exercise Programming
Personalized Nutritional Counseling
Free Mobile Application via Apple & Android
Access to "Coaches Corner" secret Facebook page
24/7 Support via Email, Phone, & Video
30 day Money-Back Guarantee

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